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The wonderful process of pregnancy and childbirth often leaves a woman's body a little worse for wear; sometimes in pain. If pregnant or breastfeeding, new moms often are not able or wanting to take any medications.

Bowen is a wonderfully gentle alternative therapy and offers unique and exciting possibilities in optimizing the outcome of both mother and baby in the preconception, prenatal, labour and delivery and post partum situations:

Pre-conception - Bowen can aid in the regulation of menstrual cycles, the balancing of hormones and assist in the process of conception. A terrific, natural alternative to in-vitro.

Pregnancy - Bowen can aid in the relief of back pain, sciatica, heartburn and acid reflux as well as optimal fetal positioning prior to birth.

Labour- Bowen can aid in the stimulation of more efficient contractions, delivery of the placenta and aid in perineal pain.

Post partum - Bowen can help restore the spinal column and pelvis to pre-pregnancy status. It can also aid in breastfeeding by regulating lactation when over or under production of milk is an issue.

Babies -Bowen can safely help in the expectoration of any fluid or mucous the baby may have inhaled during delivery. It is also an effective treatment for colic.

If you are a mom-to-be or a new mom, be sure to take good care of yourself before, during and after pregnancy. If you need a little help along the way, a bowen therapist may be just what you need.

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