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Bowen Therapy originated in Australia approximately 50 years ago and is now available around the world. It works by using the body's own healing capabilities to correct imbalances and heal from within.
Bowen Therapy is so effective that in some circumstances only a few treatments may be required. Once the pain has subsided, ongoing treatments are typically not needed unless re-injury occurs. 
Bowen Therapy is completely non-invasive. No needles, no drugs, no machines. It is safe for everyone including babies, pregnant women and clients with osteoporosis.
As Bowen Therapy corrects imbalances in the body, it also detoxifies and relaxes. Also great for stress, anxiety and grief. Because the treatment is holistic, the positive effects of Bowen Therapy extend beyond the actual areas being treated. For example, a treatment for lower back pain might also improve circulation in the hands and feet. This is because Bowen Therapy effects positive change in the entire body on both a structural and a physiological level. 
A typical Bowen Therapy treatment lasts 40-50 minutes and can be performed over light, loose clothing.  After determining the client's medical history and presenting conditions, a treatment plan incorporating a sequence of moves is developed and performed around the spine and over specific areas of the body. This sends a message through the Autonomous Nervous System to the brain, triggering the body's own healing capacity to correct imbalances in the body. Frequent pauses of about 2 minutes are taken between each set of moves to allow for a full integration of the body's response.  
After a Bowen Therapy treatment, patients have reported feeling extremely relaxed, as if a weight has been lifted. Bowen Therapy can successfully aid in the treatment of many ailments including:  
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Restless Leg Syndrome
Respiratory Issues
Stroke Recovery
Plantar Fasciitis
Foot Pain
Sinus Problems
Multiple Sclerosis
Acid Reflux
Bells Palsy
Gynecological Problems
Sacro-Iliac Pain
Bowen is quite unique and differs fundamentally from other modalities such as massage, chiropractic,  physical therapy, acupuncture, etc. Many research studies have been done on the effectiveness of Bowen Therapy and more studies are being done. 
If you or someone you know is experiencing pain, try Bowen Therapy. It works!
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