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Multiple Sclerosis and Bowen Therapy
An excellent animation about Multiple Sclerosis.
I am a terrible skeptic and recently became critically ill with an exceedingly bad multiple sclerosis exacerbation.

I was in significant muscle pain with reoccurring muscle spasms. A Bowen practitioner came and visited me in the hospital and did a session on me. I was so ill and in pain at the time, I thought I’ll try anything.

After just a few minutes (after the session) - no more than 2 -3, - the pain I had been heavily medicated for completely disappeared and never returned.

At first, I couldn’t walk or really move my left side much - but since 3 visits total - I can walk - unsteadily, without a walker for short distances.

I am astounded something so simple and painless works - but it clearly does.
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