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by Mary Falk, PT
Leg Pain and Bowen Therapy - eliminate shin splints, restless legs, hamstring pulls, achilles problems, knee pain, acl injuries, cartilage issues, etcAs a physical therapist, I often see clients with recent total knee replacements. Often times, at the first visit post-op week 1, they are experiencing significant pain, edema, and restriction of knee and ankle range of motion (ROM). Being able to incorporate bowen therapy into my plan of care has revealed some surprising results relating to pain and edema management, improved ROM, and decreased gait abnormalities.
At my initial visit, staples are still in place, the wound is covered with a bandage, so just a few Bowen moves are performed. 
Prior to becoming an accredited bowen therapist, I would incorporate the more traditional physical therapy approaches at my home visits including cold therapy, therapeutic exercises, gait and transfer training, home safety and fall prevention. My approach to pain management was meds, positioning, and cold therapy. Now, bowen therapy is an additional tool that I bring to my clients. As with the many bowen therapy testimonies, the results tell the story.
Ruth explains, “After a knee replacement surgery, I was in quite a bit of pain and had a high level of anxiety that accompanied the pain. I had never heard of  bowen therapy before, but was more than willing to try anything to relieve my suffering that was driving me to the edge. After the first treatment I had an entire day of respite from pain and anxiety. To say that I was utterly astonished on the results is an understatement. Continued treatments have made amazing progress towards my full recovery. I even called friends in California and New York to suggest that they find bowen therapists in their area, as I knew it would help with their issues. I am thoroughly convinced that this treatment can help each and every one of us in our healing processes.”
The numbers also tell the story. Each visit I  document the edema measurements, pain ratings and ROM of the knee. In the majority of the cases at time of discharge, pain levels are down to 0-2/10, ROM of the involved knee is markedly improved, and edema is reduced significantly. Ambulation is now performed with minimal discomfort if any, and the antalgic gait is markedly improved.
In the discharge summary to the doctor, it is always such a pleasure to report that goals of therapy were met and make mention that bowen therapy soft tissue mobilization was utilized in my plan of care.
It is humbling and amazing to witness each client’s response to this gentle, yet powerfully effective manual therapy.

Mary Falk, Physical Therapist is the owner of Restoration Physical Therapy, LLC: specializing in bowen therapy to restore Health, and is located in Lake Stevens, WA. She also works part time for Swedish Visiting Nurse Services.
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