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Carpal TunnelCarpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where pressure on a nerve (the median nerve), where it passes through the wrist into the hand, causes pain, pins and needles, weakness and numbness in the hand.
Six people took part in a study carried out by Glenys Sheedy. They had been suffering from pain and numbness in the fingers and wrist, shoulders and neck for up to 3 years. They received four  treatments over a 4 week period. Therapy successfully eliminated all symptoms  for 3 of the 6 particpants, and the remaining three were able to  return to regular activities.
Symptoms of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:
  • pain in the hand, which often wakes you in the night.
  • numbness and or pins and needles in the hand, affecting the thumb, forefinger, middle finger
  • weakness in the thumb
Sometimes people feel the pain up into the lower end of their forearm.
The symptoms can trouble you at any time, but are most often worse at night. People often wake with the pain and find themselves shaking their hands to ease the symptoms.
The wrist is bound on three sides by bones. The fourth side, the same side as the palm, has a thin covering across it, under which the structures lie that pass into the hand. The wrist bones are called the carpal bones, and this space is called the carpal tunnel.
Space in the carpal tunnel is limited. If anything leads to some of the space being taken up, this causes pressure to build up. The main contents of the carpal tunnel are the tendons which cause the hand to flex, but the structure in the wrist that is most sensitive to pressure is the nerve which passes into the hand (the median nerve).
Carpal tunnel syndrome may also be more likely to occur when the nerves to the arm are already working at a disadvantage, for example when there are pre-existing neck problems.
This condition can be extremely painful. Bowen therapy has been effective for this condition even when other treatments, including surgery, have failed to provide relief. 
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