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Bowen Therapy MassageA typical  treatment is gentle and relaxing and can be performed over light, loose need to get undressed. All treatments are provided in private rooms. No oils or lotions are utilized, nor necessary.
The therapist will discuss your health history and current health issues with you and answer any questions you may have. A customized treatment plan will then be developed for you and performed around the spine and over specific areas of the body. These moves are short and gentle and send a message through the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS) to the brain, triggering the body's own healing capacity to correct imbalances in the body.
Frequent pauses of about 2 minutes are taken between each set of moves to allow for a full integration of the body's response.
After a  treatment, patients have reported feeling extremely relaxed, as if a weight has been lifted. Each treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes. Since the stimuli continue to work for approximately 7 days, treatments are generally scheduled at least one week apart.
How Many Treatments Will I Need?
The number of  treatment sessions required varies with each individual and the severity of the ailment. Many people start to experience a positive effect from the first session, but it may take three or more sessions to see results. Between three and six treatments will generally resolve many conditions.
Follow up treatments, if required, are generally scheduled one week apart. The therapist will discuss your progress since the last treatment with you before determining the appropriate treatment plan for the current session.
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